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Structural BodyWorks

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Life or Rejuve Capsules

Specially formulated and used by medical herbalists over several generations, these herbal capsules are reported to produce a vitalising effect upon the peristalsis muscle of the colon, giving a sense of energy and strength to the intestinal tract.

The recommended dose may vary from person to person and it is suggested to start with a minimum dose and work up until the desired effect is achieved; that is of well formed, twice daily bowel movements.

For general maintenance:

- 1 capsule every night after dinner.

Take 2 capsules at night whenever bowel movements reduce in mass or become irregular (less than twice daily). Continue only until normality is restored

For mild constipation and cleaning of the digestive system:

-2 capsules morning and night for three weeks

Reactions may include: Abdominal cramping or pain, watery motions, acidic excretions, burning of the rectum, passing of green and yellow sludge or fungus, excretion of yellow or clear mucus, violent excretions. Reduce the dose as necessary.

Life/Rejuve Capsules are not intended to take the place of corrective dietary or lifestyle considerations and it is recommended that they be taken only in conjunction with a personalised plan from a health care professional.

Ingredients: Aloe, Ginger, Myrrh.

Content: 40 capsules per bottle.